Hey there!  I’m Della!!  Welcome to my perfectly imperfect life!

I began this blog in 2009 before the military moved us to Europe.  While there, I fell in love with photography and the German countryside….and blogging.  As the mom of four kiddos, writing and designing a blog during those busy years was one of the few things in my life that stayed done, unlike laundry or  dishes.

I discovered I loved sharing my stories in the hopes that someone might say..”Me too!!”

Today, the ‘militarily’ retired hubby is plugged into the civilian workforce, and two of my four are married or working on their own careers. Suddenly the idea of pursuing this passion presents itself again.  And it is glorious!

I believe….

….that sharing our souls and insights, miracles and mistakes, helps heal us from the inside out.

….that the only true Mexican food can be found in Texas and there is no substitute. Period.

….that simple vulnerability is sorely missing in society today. It gifts us with a gentle strength that is passed along to the next broken soul.

….that coffee is perhaps one of God’s greatest gifts.  My last thought as I fall asleep is that when I wake up I get coffee!!

….that the home is both the anchor of our busy lives and our life vest keeping us afloat.  Time spent making a home lovely, comfortable and welcoming is never wasted.  Interesting, hospitality is not my gifting.  I must work to instill a spirit of ‘welcome’ into my home, which, I’ve discovered, begins with my heart.

….that no other singer will ever compare to Frank Sinatra.

….that Jesus came to save us from ourselves and change us from the inside out.  He uses our vulnerabilities  to show His perfect love and infinite power.

….that I would love to hear from YOU!  I am honored you would spend the time to read my words.

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